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CyreneSecrets shop

Crafting on demand

Planet Cyrene Collectables

CyreneSecrets shop is closed,

if you like something from the list below, contact me directly.

Current Stock that i try to keep there for the most of the time:

itemprice (ped)description  
Enkidd A-41 (L)120%high dps plasma pistol, that use BLP amps (Dante). level req 41
Enkidd Howler S.4 (unl)TT+100plasma rifle - long range good for tagging mobs
Ozpyn LR S1X1 (unl)TT+21laser carabine for beginner avatars
Ozpyn Chon S1X1 (unl)TT+21laser pistol for beginner avatars
Ozpyn BP S1X1 (unl)TT+21BLP pistol for beginner avatars
SI HK110 (unl)TT+100old TT laser carabine
SI Scorpion (unl)TT+100old TT laser pistol
Noble ShirtTT+22
Noble PantsTT+22
Noble ShoesTT+22
Zekkonian Costiume WingsTT+50
Imperium Resource Refiner B1TT+40very good eco refiner - decay 0.22 PED / 1000 output (comparing the TT refiner have 0.3, so refining 1000 Belkar ingots costs 0.22 PED and 0.3 PED)
SI HEARTTT+30good eco FAP
Cyrene Collectablesnormal prices
Fenris WolfTT+31
Duster BanditTT+21
Imperium PilotTT+31
Merfolken GladiatorTT+31
ARC SoldierTT+61
Sky ShatterTT+31
Stalker botTT+31
Tice ClawTT+31
Drill botTT+21
Rhino BeetleTT+101
Molten GolemTT+200
Trophy: Tide ClawTT+2000 😉the reward for the last 20.000 killpoints mission

 If u cant find something in shop, contact me in-game (Fate Thanatos Themis) or here:

14 + 14 =

Planet Cyrene Map