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Ultimate Tide Claw Challange finally finished! 🙂 It was a long ride, but i rly like those Cyrene’s Proterons.

First stages are normal kill scored missions: 100, 400, 1000, 5000 and 9000 kills, but the last one is a kill point scored mission!

Finally u can kill Alpha Tide Claws to get high MU oils from the mission.

The scoring looks something like this:


killpointsmaturityhptypical animal oils
2mature500eye, muscle
4old1000eye, thyroid
8provider2000eye, thyroid, adrenal
11guardian3000thyroid, adrenal, pancreas
18dominant5000adrenal, liver, pancreas
26alpha7000adrenal, liver, pancreas, heart, brain, spleen
34prowler9000liver, pancreas, heart, brain, spleen
killpointsmaturityhptypical animal oils


Im not totally sure about that scoring (prowler, dominant), correct me if im wrong.

The final reward is quite nice: a bit of LWT or BLP skill, 63 stamina tokens and Ultimate Tide Claw Thophy 🙂  (ill add the picture soon)


100 Tide ClawsBravado
400 Tide Clawsyour choice: rifle, handgun, clubs.
1000 Tide ClawsEnkidd Howler S4 BP L
5000 Tide ClawsImperium Tokens
9000 Tide Clawsyour choice of skill increase: Dexterity, Perception or Aim + Intelligence Tokens
20000 Tide Claw Killpointsyour choice of skill increase: LWT or BLP + 63 Stamina Tokens + Tide Claw Trophy