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Cyrene November 5th 2013 VU Notes

New Additions – Planet Cyrene

– New Dynamic Upgrades

  • Imperium Orbital Strikes

– The Imperium has razed many of the large mountains on Cyrene with an orbital laser to harvest massive amounts of minerals for an unknown project.
– This has significantly changed the landscape of Cyrene and released a new creature from the depths, the Vlanwing, a bat like creature andone of thefirst mammals on Cyrene.
– The robots that the Imperium sent out, Protocores, to harvest the new craters have become unstable due to an electrical discharge remaining from the orbital strikes, and have turned hostile.
– The Turrelions have stepped in and offered to solve this problem for the Imperium and have set up bases and teleporters near all the major craters (which need to be discovered).

  •  Garvers

– The Empis Wasps that inhabit this area have swelled in population. Something is definitely buzzing about in this area…

  • 0x101 Supply Depot

Five noteworthy players have been immortalized with statues:
– Agis, a master hunter who has hunted and documented his hunts of Cyrene creatures.
– non, who goes above and beyond to help many new players and offer suggestions.
– Remy, who has discovered many blueprints on Cyrene and has helped with feedback to improve Cyrene.
– Thanatos, has found, pointed out, offered suggestions on how to fix many bugs that were not made public.
– TunerS, who has compiled and shared all the data he has gathered about Cyrene from combines to creature loot.

Each of these players has helped not only in shaping Cyrene, but helped other players who have come to call it home.

  • Puny Beach

– Aside from being a great place to hunt Puny creatures, there are now many simple missions available to help new players get started on Cyrene from the following:
– Miner Salazar
– Weaponmaster Aron
– Weaponmaster Rob
– Medical Tech Godfrey
– Fashion Adviser Robuck
– John Fhartly

  •  New Creatures

– Vlanwing, a fearsome creature from the depths of Cyrene.
– Protocore, renegade mining robots that have turned on their masters.
– Acidic Jellyworms, mutated by toxic environments.

  •  New armor sets:

– I.S.O.R. (Imperium Orbital Strike Reconnaissance), a mix of Zekkonian and Imperium technology.
– A.R.C. Hazard, a combination of A.R.C. and Zekkonian design.
– Improved B.E. Armor, a combine of B.E. Armor and other materials into a new and improved armor set.

  •  New Blueprints:

– New Plastic Components using many basic ingredients.
– New First Aid Packs designed by the Ozpyn Corporation.

  •  New Tools:

– The Imperium Refiner is finally available from the Trade Terminal.
– New Detectonators along with New Mining Amps.
– New First Aid Packs (aside from those crafted ones) for levels 30+.

  •  New Quest Reward

– In addition to the BLP Pistol from the Stage Two Epic Chain ( Ozpyn BLP S1X4) there is now a Laser Rifle (Ozpyn Replical HK S1X4).
– New Clothing rewards from the Proving Ground and Arenas that can be worn outside of the Hub.

  • New Quests

20,000 Kill Point Challenge is now available for the following creatures:
– Tide Claw
– Dire Weed
– Crystal Pede

Weekly Kill Point Missions for the following new creatures:
– Vlanwing
– Protocore

Daily Kill Point Missions for a wide variety of players from the Faction
Ambassadors just south of Puny Beach:
– Meet the Tahnok…
– Meet the Zyn’Kimbro…
– Meet the Turrelions…

The Turrelion Tailor at Base Camp Gamma has more missions for players who have finished “The Ultimate ‘n00b’ Challenge”
– Test of Faith – Stage 1 – Pants
– Test of Faith – Stage 2 – Jacket
– Test of Faith – Stage 3 – Boots
– Test of Faith – Stage 4 – Goggles
– Test of Faith – Stage 5 – Coat

In Following Stage Two Epic Missions are now fixed and available:
– Stage 3: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 2)
– Stage 4: Right Outta the sky
– Stage 5: Cleansing the Sea
– Stage 6: Into the Tamangon Fires
– Stage 7: Yes, All the Skulls…
– Stage 8: Stalking the Stalkers
– Stage 9: We Need a Bigger Boat
– Stage 10: Bevis and the Gang
The culmination of the Stage Two Epic is also available:
– Stage 11: Stage 11: The Senator Speaks!
– Stage 12: The Empis Queen

New Additions – The Hub

– Many new clothing items (shirts, pants, boots, jackets, coats) have arrived and are available to buy from vendors with your Reward Tokens (White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Lime Green).
– The Proving Grounds items to engage in PvP have changed: now to enter it takes 5 Vibrant Sweat, and per kill you awarded 4 Reward Token (Lime Green) used for special clothing that can be worn either inside or outside of the Hub.

Changes – Planet Cyrene
– All creature hit boxes should work correctly.

  • The Following Quests have been rejiggered to work more smoothly and stop certain exploits:

– Craft an Ozpyn Filter!
– Craft an Enkidd Dire S1 (L)!
– Craft a Pattern Shirt Series 1 (L,C)!
– Craft an Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)!
– Craft an Imperium Key Cube!
– Mine Up Zorn Star Ore!
– Mine Up Yellow Crystals!
– Mine Up Kaisenite Stone!
– Mine Up Blue Crystal!
– Mine Up Iridium Ore!
– Hail Lazidol, The Great Sea Beast!
– Getting Battle Ready
– Summoner’s Gambit

  • The following items have had their materials and over all PED value reduced:

Imperium Cube Component 1 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
– 150 Crude Oil -> 15 Crude Oil
– 150 Lysterium Stone -> 15 Lysterium Stone

Imperium Cube Component 2 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
– 150 Zorn Star Ore -> 15 Zorn Star Ore
– 150 Yellow Crystal -> 15 Yellow Crystal

Imperium Cube Component 3 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
– 150 Zorn Star Ore -> 15 Zorn Star Ore
– 150 Lysterium Stone -> 15 Lysterium Stone

Imperium Cube Component 4 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
– 150 Yellow Crystal -> 15 Yellow Crystal
– 150 Crude Oil -> 15 Crude Oil

Imperium Cube Component 5 (1 PED -> 10 PEC)
– 75 Zorn Star Ore -> 7 Zorn Star Ore
– 75 Yellow Crystal -> 7 Yellow Crystal
– 75 Lysterium Stone -> 8 Lysterium Stone
– 75 Crude Oil -> 8 Crude Oil

Imperium Key Cube (5.25 PED -> 52 PEC)
– 150 Imperium Token -> 15 Imperium Token
– Imperium Cube (5 PED -> 50 PEC)

– Crystal Pede Hide (50 PEC -> 5 PEC)
– Crystal Pede Leather (150 PEC -> 15 PEC)
– Crystal Pede Leather Texture (50 PEC -> 5 PEC

– Jellyworm Hide (75 PEC -> 7.5 PEC)
– Jellyworm Leather (225 PEC -> 22.5 PEC)
– Jellyworm Leather Texture (75 PEC -> 7.5 PEC)

– Tree Dragon Hide (75 PEC – 7.5 PEC)
– Tree Dragon Leather (225 PEC -> 22.5 PEC)
– Tree Dragon Leather Texture (78.3 PEC -> 7.83 PEC)

– Sea Wraith Hide (80 PEC -> 8 PEC)
– Sea Wraith Leather(240 PEC -> 24 PEC)
– Sea Wraith Leather Texture (88.3 PEC -> 8.83 PEC)

The follow weapons had been altered as well:

Ozpyn RSB S1X2
– Previous damage: 13 Impact / 26 Cut
– Fixed damage: 22 Impact / 36 Cut

Ozpyn BP S1X2
– Previous ammo burn: 4000
– Fixed ammo burn: 400

– Many grammatical and typographical errors have been fixed.
– Several world holes have been filled in.
– Tamangon Volcano PvP areas have been fixed to not be larger than they appear.
– Global threshold as been adjusted and no more “silent” globals should happen.

Many creature spawns have been increased:
– Empi
– Swamp Lurkers by Tanhok Gardens
– Empis Wasps

One area has been decreased in creature density:
– Imperium Air Base

– Teleporter cost to go from n00b base to Puny Beach has been removed
(however you still must go from n00b base to Puny Beach).
– Shopping booths have been normalized in their placement.
– Teleport areas have been added to A.R.C. Head Quarters thanks to a donation by Senator Calvin Neff.
– Removed many of the dynamic lights to improve overall playability.
– Fixed an issue causing any text with a “%” to only display “???”.
– The I.R.V.M. Instance has been closed while bugs are being worked out.
– The disappearing quest objectives should now be fixed.
– The no loot and no loot message bug should now be fixed.

Changes – The Hub

– The overall speed boost in the Proving Grounds and the Hub has been reduced from 55% to 35%.
– The Proving Ground now no longer spawns Entry Tokens, but now instead spawns Reward Token (Lime Green) which have a much smaller PED value and are used to buy special Proving Grounds clothing.
– The entry fee of 10 sweat to go to the Proving Grounds as been removed.
– The Proving Grounds now cost 5 sweat to enter (down from 10) and now reward you 4 Reward Token (Lime Green) per player kill.
– The Trade Terminal PvP weapons have been altered to not only “feel” different from each other, but not enough to make the token weapons not feel underpowered.
– There are many sets of clothing available to wear inside or outside of the Hub that can be purchased for different types of Reward Tokens.
– The Proving Grounds will now heal players when they enter.
– The number of spawn points in the Proving Ground has been increased.

Known Issues

– Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
– The Spear MK. III is difficult to maneuver, this issue will be fixed A.S.A.P.
– The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
– In the HUB there is an issue where the stat over ride does not work correctly, this is currently being verified.
– All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
– Ravenous Swamp Lurkers disappear sometimes, this issue is still being looked into
– Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.

Lastly, as always, please give adequate time for all the new loot to be added and new missions to be activated.