Hey guys,

Kris here to give you another look at what’s new in the upcoming Version Update for Planet Cyrene, let’s jump right in with our Dynamic Upgrade Map. For this VU we have two unlocks! The first one is a normal unlock, Robot Base Z.R.Q. which gives new SkyShatter Robot maturities (at threat levels 14, 18, and 23).

New Creature.jpg

Our other unlock is our first Meta unlock: Turrelion Area in addition to the A.R.C. Staging Area. This area is called the Turrelion Docks.

Turrelion Docks.jpg

Turrelion Docks bring a new set of Turrelions with them: the Mazeweavers. While not much is known about them, one thing is for sure: they do not trust the other Turrelions that run the Arena but are very cagey about exactly why.

New Mini Map.JPG

What kind of a name is Mazeweaver anyways? These Turrelions actually have warped in a Maze to Cyrene, as non-lethal test of the human spirit. Take the teleporter to the Desert Ruins and you can see the Mazeweavers daily challenges.

Maze Outside.jpg

The Maze is mirrored and smokey.

Inside Maze.jpg

The maze is a combination of a lot of familiar things that already happen on Cyrene. Designed for players of all skill levels, you can earn Mazeweaver Certificates from the following daily missions:

– Race through the Maze (timed).
– Destroy Turrelion Vlanwings.
– Find and Kill Vlad the Unraveler.
– Find the hidden item.

So now, why would you even want to gather up any Mazeweaver Certificates? The Mazeweavers have smuggled a cross world pet: The WolperTinger! For every 200 Mazeweaver Certificates you collect can be used to summon a special WolperTinger that you’ll have a chance to tame. We really have some cool new stuff Dynamic Unlocks coming soon to Planet Cyrene.

WolperTinger Pet.jpg

Of course, this is only highlighting the Dynamic Unlocks, we’ve also got new missions, new achievements, terrain changes, mission fixes, creature fixes, pet changes, loot re-calibration, vendor stock adjustments, and more! We’ll add more specific details in the coming VU Notes but we hope this gets everyone excited for what’s coming to Planet Cyrene.