Last update we got a new polished version of special hunting areas added. At the moment, due to some issues with crafing or creating keys to that locations, entry is free, but it may change in the future.

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You can enter them at Zorra’s HQ first floor, that is located North from ARC Staging TP.

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There is also a small pod, that gets you to Paneleon Cave at ARC Immigration – Tanhok TP.

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We have 3 small instances, that are basicly a shop / repair area, and a hunting cave. The difference between them is just mobs and it’s difficulty.
Hunting there is a bit different, because mobs do not aggro and do not move, untill get jumped on by a player. It makes hunting a bit safer. Also autoloot is there always on, which is not bad either.

Killing mobs there can unlock 4 acheivements.

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Paneleon Cave

Paneleon Young – Provider, and one special Caverneous Paneleon


Tide Claw Cave

Tide Claw Old – Dominant, and one special Caverneous


Zeladoth Cave

Zeladoth Xi – Sigma, and one special Caverneous


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First you are in the preperation area wher u can shop and repair.

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You need to jump into the well to get to the other one.

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Once you kill all mobs, nothing happens, so you just need to jump into hole on the middle to get out of that area.

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