Since 2018, the Entrolympic Events take place every 2 years and last a whole year. The events are always varied and open to all types of players, regardless of the differences, F2P to Depositor, Unskilled to Skilled, Starter to Veteran, West Time Zone to East Time Zone… Some events can last a few minutes and others can be real marathons lasting for a whole year. All events are free to join and the majority have low or no fees/decays.
From September 1st to October 31st, the Entrolympic Events 2022 special Cyrene will take place.
For this occasion, Cyrene has created unique items that will be exclusively rewarded to the winners of certain events.
Here are pictures of the unique items:

The events are going to be:

  • Fruits Finding
  • Miss & Mr Entrolympics 22 special Cyrene
  • PPG Triathlon
  • PvP Fighting
  • Secret Task
  • Sweating
Each event will have rewards of all kinds, PED, items, GiveAways Tickets and also Athletic Points
At the end of all events, there will be additional rewards for the participants who have the most Athletic Points.