tahnokTanhok Ambassador mission chain up to the first big reward alrady known now!


The mission chain stats at Tanhok Ambassador, that awaits us near 101 Supply Depot, in ARC Immigration – Tanhok.

Just aside him, the merchant can show us what we can get as a reward… and its rly good unlimited BLP pistol, and a laser carabine!
Later on you will be able to spawn the Empis Queen and make Neff’s Stimpack from it’s special loot

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Its not easy to spot NPC, the range they are visible is like 10m only πŸ™

mobmin hpmax hpnumberaprox total hp at stage
Stage 1: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 1)500160012000 kill points, where Alpha with 500 hp give 3 points, so its 4000 mobs max1.000.000This stage allow us to pick which maturity we want to kill, thx to killpoint scoring system. We can kill Zeladoth from Alpha, to Kappa, with different point reward for kill.
My pick was to go after Zetas, still easy to kill, but with more points for it than Alpha, or Beta. The good info here, those have quite interesting loot with MU
Stage 2: Squash the Invaders1200120015001.800.000Second stage is about killing Merfolken Spearmen. Atm there is just one spot of them, where level 14 with 1000hp are the majority, cuz just only from time to time level 28 (with 1200 hp) spawns. Beware, cold dmg!
Stage 3: The Zeladoth Pandemic (part 2)17401224010000 kill points1.450.000This is about killing Zeladoth Lambda - Omicron. Killpoint scoring system makes it interesting, but i assume most of us will deal with Lambda - Nu, but the math is for Lambdas.
Stage 4: Right Outta the sky2503502650795.000Sky Wraith - just 2650 kills no matter the maturity. Spots contain mostly young - matures, so the math will be for mixed spot too. the good part of this mission is the loot, which sometimes be a unlimited weapon!
Stage 5: Cleansing the Sea245024506251.531.250625 x Muck Jaw
Stage 6: Into the Tamangon Fires175017506001.050.000Golems x 600 ... heavy dmg here!
Stage 7: Yes, All the Skulls...24024044001.056.000Skull Bird the trouble with this stage is that there is just one proper respawn of those. in addition, its the place where they drawn from time to time, u got to run looking for those birds the area, and there is a boss mob spawning there too. overall, its rly annoying stage πŸ˜›

ps. there is also the other spot of those birds, but mixed with Tide Claw Young, so if u dont mind doing Tide's mission same time, here u go πŸ™‚
Stage 8: Stalking the Stalkers700110015501.395.000Stalker
Stage 9: We Need a Bigger Boat400040003151.260.000Wiles
Stage 10: Bevis and the Gang60070025001.625.000Dusters are esiest to kill at spots where are Adepts and Workers
13.542.250Its aprox number of HP u will have to take down in the entire mission... It means u will cycle about 50.000 PED (using amped gun with typical eco of 2,92 dmg/pec)
Stage 11: The Senator Speaks!Senator asks us to make a Bait to summon and kill the Empis Queen here. The ingridients are named in mission dialog.
Stage 12: The Empis QueenEmpis Queen is a rly hard hittin mob! The scan will come soon πŸ™‚
TOTAL (so far)13.542.250

After every stage we get a unique token. All 10 of them combined will give us Tanhok Token, that can be exchanged for cool rewards at NPC just aside the Tanhok Ambassador.

Atm there is anΒ unlimited BLP pistol (Ozpyn BP S1x4) and a laser carabine (Ozpyn HK S1X1).

tanhok chain rewards

After those tenΒ stages, u can do another two:

– prepare the bait to spawn the Empis Queen

– and kill her πŸ˜›

Here is the Bait Recipe for those who want to be prepared πŸ™‚


The Queen is hard, loot rare, but unlimited FAP is always nice to have πŸ™‚