zorawPlanet Cyrene got missions like no other planet in Entropia Universe (so far). Zorra’s Epic Mission Chain, called also First Mission Chain by some ppl, rewards with unlimited items (Xent Tech Light Prototype Rifle,  Zyn’Kimbro Fishing Spear), and the ability to spawn Great Sea Beast Lazidol. Combining special loot from Lazidol with Xent Tech Prototype we can make a decent gun Zorra’s HK

Entropia 2020-10-18 20.35.39

The entire chain starts at Zorra Winters, who escaped from Imperium Forces to form ARC – the resistance fighting Imperium. You can find Zora In ARC Headquaters, there is a TP too. (check for Zora in search on cyrene map)

Following tasks given by Zora and Zyn’Dos High Shaman, that are supposed to work together later, we got to exterminate many mobs, but also to craft Imperium Key Cubes, and refine a new item from rewards we get every stage, so dont sell or TT any component u get as a reward… 🙂
At some stage u need to show to High Shaman a Greater Power Crystal to proceed with mission chain.

Here is the list of mobs:

mobmin hpmax hpnumberaprox hp total at stage
Imperium110013001.0021.202.400There are several spots with Imperiums, but my fav one had Imperium scout - vet maturity, sometimes Officers too 🙂 note: only Imperium Scout, Grunt, Vet counts in! so forget about Pilots 😛
Mang Chang16001800560952.000Easiest spawn got young - matures
Paneleon4006202.8001.428.000Best spot for this mission contains Young - provider maturity, and whats important, no other mob type mixed
Zyn’Dos55010201.4541.141.390Zyn village is full of Weak - Majestic maturity, allows u to do Chief's Request repetable mission same time (rewarded with Zyn Tokens)
Merfolken80600~11.0003.740.000Merfolken Breading Grounds contain young - scout maturity, and this is the only area where Merfolken killed counts in for this mission. There is a huge span between youngs and scouts in terms of their HP, better would be to kill just youngs, but there are so few mobs to kill, so i was killing every red dot on the radar, just to make this mission faster. U need to kill a bit less than 11k mobs on that area (only there), to spawn Merfolken Gladiator (level 14, 1200hp if i remember)
Skreel200020005121.024.000Atm its a single maturity mob, which hits hard, so better get penetration-electric armor and a fapper. One of the spots respaws Red Skreel, a boss, but i got no idea if it counts in this mission, prob not.
TOTAL9.487.790Its aprox number of HP u will have to take down in the entire mission... It means u will cycle about 33.000 PED (using amped gun with typical eco of 2,92 dmg/pec)

To finish the Chain u need to spawn the Lazidol, but to do it, u need to have two items in ur inventory… Greater Power Crystal, and Zyn’Kimbro Fishing Spear.

Lazidol isnt very hard to kill, but the loot can be disappointing. Most important is, that he drops its parts, that are to fit a combine for a rly good weapon, so GL!