This rare and very demanded item, that is required to finish Zorra’s missions chain, can be obtained in two ways:

  • as a very rare drop from hunting – once it was looted from MuchJaw Alpha, but it was several years ago, so i’m not sure if it’s still avialable in this way. Rarity, but also it’s TT = 300 PED makes it hard to be looted.
  • as a combine made in refiner from two more common, but still rare crystals, putting them into refiner IN THIS ORDER: a Lesser Power Crystals (10 x 20PED TT) and a Weakened Power Crystals (10 x 10PED TT).
  • First one was looted several times from Merfolkens, second one i got from Zyn’dos. Both have high TT, and are very rare, so dont expect to loot it right away. How rare it is, u can always check on the Entropialife rare loot listings.


If you put into a refiner Weakened Power Crystals first, it will create just more Lesser Power Crystals!

Please read what outcome refiner says you will get.

To make it right, remember the order:

Lesser Crystal then Weakened Crystal