Its typical question, what to hunt if u are just starting? Cyrene offers nice spectrum of mobs for starting players, good for sweating and hunting:

Puny PleakSlow210
Puny Crystal PedeNormal330
Junk Scout BotSlow630
Scout Bot Collector XTNormal630
Sprouted Dire WeedSlow550
Scout Bot 100Slow850
Recently Hatched EmpiSlow850
Mature HackfinNormal1650
Young MerfolkenFast580
Lord PyscidonNormal1180
Regent HalbirdNormal1180
Weak Sea WraithVery Slow7100
Weak Tree DragonVery Slow7100
Weak Scout BotVery Slow7100
Weak Dire WeedVery Slow7100
Finned Tree DragonNormal10100
Scout Bot 200Normal10100
Young EmpiSlow10100
Bile JellywormSlow10100
Watcher Sea WraithSlow10100
Watcher Tree DragonNormal10100
Watcher Scout BotSlow10100
Watcher Dire WeedSlow10100
Soldier Sea WraithNormal14100
Soldier Tree DragonNormal14100
Soldier Scout BotNormal14100
Soldier Dire WeedNormal14100
Hackfin OldVery Slow15100
Swamp Lurker PrimeSlow12150
Adult MerfolkenNormal15150
Drill Bot 1001Slow30150
Crystal PedeNormal20200

Most of those mobs got missions to related, so u can have fun hunting them, and same time do a mission and get some extra form it 🙂

Find those mobs on Cyrene Map