I can tell you, that Planet Cyrene, slowly but surely, fixes it’s bugs and flaws.

This time it looks that drop rate of Wasp Queen’s (Empis Queen) parts got fixed!

Wasp Queen is a finall boss of Tanhok Ambassador mission chain, where you cant get an unlimited weapon as a reward, but it’s not all!

Collecting Wasp Queen rare parts and combining them in refiner with Tanhok Amber and Imperium Key Cubes, you can create Neff’s Stimp Pack – a high level unlimited healing tool!

Here is a full combine:

  • 40 x Imperium Key Cube
  • 1 x Tanhok Amber
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Empty Stinger
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Undeveloped Wing
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Gland
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Venom
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Leg
  • 5 x Wasp Queen Eggs

Just put those ingridients into any refinier, and press start to create a Neff’s Stim Pack!