Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is a Real Cash Economy (RCE) game.

What does it mean?

First of all u can deposit cash in here, and withdraw it. Ofc there are some fees, but well, u can do it. Those fees allow this game to be free in terms of no monthly fees.

Second important thing at the RCE game is the fact that it has a market, that works same way as our stocks or real life economy.

All in game items have their terminal value (TT) but also its Market Value, that depends on if those are useful, good, nice, etc. like in real world. All works within Supply and Demand rules.

Anyway, in Entropia Universe u can hunt monsters, mine minerals, create and sell items, be a stylist, barber, trader, space pirate, (…), just have fun. Most of things u do costs something – u spend ammo, u decay items, u burn fuel – those are the costs. The trick is to cover those costs with the outcome of ur activities – if ur a hunter, try to get enough good loot, to earn more than u had to spend on those hunts.

Its an economy game, some sort of, challenging, but most of all, complex and beautiful.

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