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Planet Cyrene Collectables

CyreneSecrets shop is OPEN,

if you like something from the list below, contact me directly.


Planet Cyrene 0x101 Supply Depot sign area, close to TP



Current Stock that i try to keep there for the most of the time:

itemprice (ped)description
Enkidd Howler S.4 (unl)TT+120plasma rifle - long range good for tagging mobs
Ozpyn LR S1X1 (unl)TT+15laser carabine for beginner avatars
Ozpyn Chon S1X1 (unl)TT+15laser pistol for beginner avatars
Ozpyn BP S1X1 (unl)TT+15BLP pistol for beginner avatars
SI HK110 (unl)TT+100old TT laser carabine
SI Scorpion (unl)TT+100old TT laser pistol
Zekkonian Costiume WingsTT+50
Imperium Resource Refiner B1TT+15very good eco refiner - decay 0.22 PED / 1000 output (comparing the TT refiner have 0.3, so refining 1000 Belkar ingots costs 0.22 PED and 0.3 PED)
SI HEARTTT+100good eco FAP
Cyrene Collectablesnormal prices
Fenris WolfTT+200
Imperium PilotTT+50
ARC SoldierTT+120
Drill botTT+10
Rhino BeetleTT+200
Molten GolemTT+250
Trophy: Tide ClawTT+2000 😉the reward for the last 20.000 killpoints mission

 If u cant find something in shop, contact me in-game (Fate Thanatos Themis) or here:

12 + 9 =

Planet Cyrene Map