To be honest, im not an expert at this area, but i hope that those basic informations here will let u look at it not as something that is good only for noobs that cant or dont want deposit yet.


What is sweating?

Its a gathering of Vibrant Sweat from Mobs (creatures).


What is Vibrant Sweat?

Its a vital energy of creatures. Collecting it from it doesnt dmg the mob, so it can be killed normal way after it. Vibrant Sweat is used in many ways, for crafting but also in many combine recipes like Magtonium Dust, or Mind Essence. Especially this second one, Mind Essence is important, cuz its used by many Mindforce Chips. To make it u need Vibrant Sweat and Force Nexus (its an enmatter that got to be imported form other planets to Cyrene)


How much i can sell the sweat for?

Sweat has very low Terminal Value (TT) so dont sell it in the terminal, but high Market Value (MU) that other players are willing to pay for it. The common price is 2-3ped per 1000 bottles. Ofc its a free market, so u can lower the price to sell it faster.


From what can i collect the sweat?

From living creatures, like animals, plants, etc. NOT from robots or any mechanical mobs.

Here is a list of mobs that u can start with:

Puny PleakSlow210
Puny Crystal PedeNormal330
Sprouted Dire WeedSlow550
Recently Hatched EmpiSlow850
Weak Sea WraithVery Slow7100
Weak Tree DragonVery Slow7100
Weak Dire WeedVery Slow7100
Finned Tree DragonNormal10100
Young EmpiSlow10100
Bile JellywormSlow10100
Watcher Sea WraithSlow10100
Watcher Tree DragonNormal10100
Watcher Dire WeedSlow10100
Crystal PedeNormal20200

Find those mobs on Cyrene Map


How to start?

Equip the VSE mk 1 tool, aim any animal within the tool range, and start using. Pick the mob smart, cus the mob will agro on u! To make it a bit auto, bind it to any key u like.

TIP: To automate sweating, and using items in general: Press “Y” to open Action Library, find there “Toggle Auto Use” or something called like this, and bind it to one of ur keyboard keys. To bind it, Press “L” – it allows to modify ur HUD and binds, and “G” to open Keyboard binds schema.

U will fail a number of times before u get any sweat at all. When u see a green beam between u and a mob, then its working 🙂 U need few seconds of concentration, to make a successful attempt, and u cant get hit while in it, or the concentration will be disturbed. So its important what mob u pick for sweating.

TIP: To lower the chance that u get a hit, sweat together with some frieds – the mob will try to hit many targets, not focusing only on u. Sweating together will allow u to pick the harder creatures that have more HP and more sweat! (100 HP = 100 Sweat to collect)


After a while, the mob will be dry – u collected his all sweat. U can kill it now, or pull into the outpost turrnets range, and start to sweat another one.


Why i say that sweating is good for all players?

While sweating u get not only the energy from mobs, but also many skills related to Mindforce and Defense professions. Those are free skills if u sweat and kill for loot same time. More about that topic will be in “How to survive on Cyrene” post later on 🙂


I hope this small tutorial will help u a bit. If u got any questions or ideas i could add here, put them in comments – ill update the post to make it better with ur help.