More or less, this is a cool one – once per day you can do a small pick-up mission to recive a buff that will last for 1h.

Buffs avialable that im aware about now are:
– reload speed 2%
– damage reduction 2%
– damage increase 2%
– critical chance increase 2%
– critical damage increase 2%
and are given randomly.

Sadly this buff will time out even if you are offline.

To start the mission you need to talk to Tanhok Warleader Kyzrin  Copy WP to clickboard,  but to do so, you need to have 1500 A.R.C. Badges on you.

First mission for me was to collect unprotected weapons dropped but Imperium Pilots in their base (Wave spawn).
You can do that not killing anything, just do that before wave event starts, you got 60 seconds 🙂

Locations for guns:

– One Copy WP to clickboard
– Two Copy WP to clickboard
– Three Copy WP to clickboard
– Four Copy WP to clickboard
– Five Copy WP to clickboard

Mission finish confirmation

More to come soon.