With the new update MindArk released:

Pet Center Manager
As a first step in implementing stables, a Pet Center Manager is now located at each stable location that can provide pet buffs. These buffs are much the same as buffs provided by consumables, but are only active while the pet is summoned and has reached the “Loved” affection level. The buff duration is real-time and decrements even when your avatar is not logged on.

On cyrene the Pet Center Manager is located at  [138811, 77468, 101]  close to the 0x101 Supply Depot Teleporter (just south of it). It is nearly invisable (I had trouble finding it even with knowing the coords). Right now it is a floating terminal screen:

stable 1.jpg

When you operate it there are currently three options you can select and the big surprise is: they work on the avatar!:

Metabolic Acceleration (makes you run 8% faster)
Increased Health (increases the health of yourself with 10)
Skill Gain – Pet and Taming (10% increased skill gain for taming and for pets)


You simply draw the pet deed from your inventory to the ‘place pet here’ space on the lower left, select the boost you want to receive and click on apply.

Unfortunately the prices are set by MA and we can’t lower them. 75% of the costs will go to the deed owner, while MA receives 25%. Part of the income will be used to sponsor future events on Cyrene.

As soon as we learn something new, we’ll be sure to post it here :)

More info about how taming works can be found at the entropia universe website: