PRINT SCREEN 2014-03-19 18-44-19

We got new event spawn for a month! There are some low level  mobs (Stellar Pedes) that drop some interesting items! Atm its new Turrelia Clothing set, that is supposed to be used in future missions!

Hey guys,

There’s something strange happening out in the deserts of the Turrelion area.

It appears a rift has somehow opened between our world and Turrelia, and Turrelion Crystal Pedes are pouring into Planet Cyrene!

This rift will be open from 2014-03-19 00:00:01 to 2014-04-18 23:59:59

All active hunters are requested to head to these coordinates: 123264, 79197, 136.

Event spawn location:


Mob stats:

Rift Turellia Crystal Pede6200
Astral Turellia Crystal Pede7300
Stellar Turellia Crystal Pede10500