… and you are selling for cheap goods that had a crazy MU last time they had a use!

Of course it was a long time ago, when armor sets were avialable to make, but Cyrene developers announced already few times, that those materials will have a use again.

You are a reader of my blog, but maybe you are not so often on Planet Cyrene itself. so i’ll give u some backgroud.

Few months ago we had a crazy time here, because we were able to create awesome armor sets following some simple missions and turning in various materials.

Unforutnately MA turned off NPCs that were giving those missions. It happened just after a week, so many people ended with materials, but not armors yet.

Cyrene developers promised that they will do something about that.

At first they introduced the first stage of armor plating upgrade (Imperium Armor Plating I), with a row of NPC ready for future usage (from adjusted to perfected), that reminds me what Next Island offers already – upgrade from Serpent Scale to Perfected Serpent Scale.

First stage of upgrade takes already some materials that were used in armor missions, so there is a high chance, more of them will have a use now too, so i don’t sell those…

Here is what was in use for armor creation before,

Items that were previously used for Imperium Armor upgrade missions:
Aquatic Gland
Big Bird Wing
Bonding Liquid
Crystal Pollen
Cyrene Collectible: A.R.C. Soldier
Cyrene Collectible: Fenris Wolf
Cyrene Collectible: Imperium Pilot
Cyrene Mission Tokens
Cyrenium Ingot
Heavy Power Cell
Imperium Key Cube
Medium Power Cell
Ozpyn Filters
Ozpyn matrix
Pure Body Oil
Tail tips
Zekkonian Relic


and what we use now already:


Items for Officer Armor Plating upgrade used now:
Clear crystal
Cyrene Collectible Drill Bot
Ozpyn matrix
Tail tips


As you see, there is some crossover, so imo there is a high chance, there will be some more.

This list do not include materials that were required to create components and collectibles, and some like Wiles Ingots, were essential…  better check that too 😉