One of the first things u got to decide about, just after u started to play Entropia is: what weapon type to use?Ā Its not about how gameplay style u like the most, or which gun looks best… most of all, its about what will u be able to do later.

We got many things to pick from, so easy to start with wrong one, but no worries, u can always try another šŸ™‚

All weapon types got their good and bad aspects. Some time ago it was easier to judge what type u like, which type to pick, when there was just a one developer team, so they had a coherent idea about guns and their differences. Now it all mixed up together, but still we got some ways to make our picks.

What is a weapon type?

In entropia, all items of same weapon type, share same skills. They can look quite different. U can take a FlameThrower and a BLP sniper rifle, and yes, they use same skills, so they are the same weapon type (Blp Sniper). To make sure u can use the one u are willing to buy, check its Item Info, where u can find which Profession it requres, and level of it.

What is the difference what weapon type i use?

There are some aspects, like safety and aviability of certain setups, that i will talk about later, but most of all: different weapon types use different skills. For example it can be said that “this pistol require level Ā 10 of Laser Pistoleer (HIT)”. It means, that certain skills u posses, got to be high enough to make u have level 10 at least. Professions use different skills, in different ratios. Those ratios are important, beacuse they increase ur skills in same ratio when u use items. Those skills u aquire, shape ur avatar and its other statistics, like Health Points and attributes.

So its not only using weapons to kill creatures, its also shaping ur avatar to be stronger and better in the future.

What weapon types have most effect on which skills/attributes?

Ill list here some general rules, not very accurate:

– only melee weapons boost Strenght (essential attribute, that boosts HP and weight capacity).Ā Longswords seem to boost Str more than Shortsword and Powerfist, but Shortsword and Powerfist give more Agility than Longsword. Anyway those are best to get HP, but u need to get close to ur enemy, and it will hurt… at least ur wallet – u will spend more cash on healing and repairs of ur armor, than using ranged weapons. On the other side, u will get medical and defence skills faster this way.. šŸ˜‰

– only MindForce chips boost Psy and Intelligence

– using ranged weapons allow u to take down the creature or damage it at least, before it gets to u, which lowers the costs of killing it.

– certain professions unlock skills that are not accessable for other. U can be happy using Midforce, but without certain pure combat skills, like Combat Sence or Coolness, u will have not much hitpoints, so in the end, its not good thing to limit urself to one profession.

Mindforce Combat

Hit Levels: 1500 (Power Catalyst), 3000 (Serendipity), 5100 (Mindforce Harmony), 6500 (Force Merge)

DmgĀ Levels: 1500 (Power Catalyst), 1800 (R.D.A.), 3000 (Serendipity), 4500 (Wounding), 5100 (Mindforce Harmony), 6500 (Force Merge)

Ranged Combat

HitĀ Levels: 1000 (Marksmanship), 3000 (Serendipity), 4000 (Coolness), 5000 (Combat Sense), 7000 (Commando)

DmgĀ Levels: 1000 (Marksmanship), 1800 (Ranged Damage Assessment), 3000 (Serendipity), 4500 (Wounding), 8000 (Kill Strike)

Melee Combat (except Whipper)

HitĀ Levels: 2000 (Martial Arts), 3000 (Serendipity), 4000 (Coolness), 5000 (Combat Sense), 7000 (Commando)

DmgĀ Levels: 1800 (Melee Damage Assessment), 3000 (Serendipity), 4500 (Wounding), 8000 (Kill Strike)

A great site where u can check % impact of any skill on ur professions, and which skillsĀ Chipping Optimizer


Alright, so now u know why u should pick one weapon over another in a reason of getting skills, what else to consider?

  • Use weapons that are cheap and avialable. If u have to pay alot for Limited items, its not good, cuz it wont pay off in loot. Good to have weapons that u can repair, but those better, are usualy expensive.
  • Even if u are focused on melee weapons, use ranged weapon to tag the mob, weaken it a bit, and pull to safe spot where u can fight it, not worried about other creatures that could gank u šŸ˜›
  • Pick gun thinking also about Attachments u will use to it. Atm best weapon dmg amplifiers are avialable for BLP guns, in terms eco, dmg and price for it.
  • Pick the gun thinking about dmg/pec ratio it provides. Better eco guns allow u to save some peds killing same number of creatures
  • Check max dmg of the gun, not to overkill the mob with last hit (if u hit for 100dmg a puny pleak that have 10 hp, u will kill it paying the full costs of that 100 potential dmg).
  • pick DPS of the gun smart to every mob u hunt. Not to low, not to high. If u kill too fast, u probably overkill, if too slow, u pay more, cuz mob regenerates its hp.


Quick conclusion?

If ur just starting, focus on melee combat to get important skills killing mobs that u already dried sweating. Weapons avialable in Trade Terminal will be great for it.

A bit later, if u swap to hunting small Scout Bots, engage them with longer range, like laser carabine or MF chips, then switch to melee again. If u rly want to hunt larger mobs that hit hard, use ranged guns. Laser got great amps for lower dmg guns, BLP for those stronger.

Focus on one Profession till u get Combat Sence or even Coolness – they will rise later even if u switch to other guns, still increasing ur HP

Higher Profession Level will give u a wider spectrum of weapons u can use, effecting in more mob types or maturities u could hunt then with the proper setup.