This will be a sum of what we, players, see and expect to see in Planet Cyrene in nearest VU.
Things that are not done from previous VUs, things that are hinted on planet itself or from other players.

First thing that comes to my mind are clothing sets with buffs, that were announced in recent VU notes. Those should be made from clothes looted from Rift mobs in event spawns we had recent years, and Turrelion Essence, that should come from those mobs, but looted now, in Rift Wave spawn. Maybe some clothes should come from that place too.

Anyway, Essence do not drop, so no one made any clothing sets here yet. Clothes do not drop too, maybe they should not, but well, it would be nice, even if very rare, for players that didnt play previous years on this planet.

We dont know what buffs those sets could have, just rumors on chat, that something with mining and crafting on one set. Would be awesome if true.

Another interesting thing we anticipate, are new versions of Stolen Imperium armor sets. We got no data about that, all we can see are models shown on second floor of Zorra’s HQ.

Adjusted, Improved and Modified Retrived Imperium armor models look a bit like work in progress comparing to quality of Stolen Imperium armor set, but well, all that matters to me is if we can see them in game for real and if they are Unlimited. We have some armors that look similar, comes from ARC vendor, but are Limited 🙁

For many VUs we also have some booths placed in Supply Depot area, there is a hope that something moves forward with them.

Talking about estates, we have been told that there will be some of them avialable in New Janus area, that is under construction by NPC and Devs, but this wont happen any soon i think.

After little problems with Byg Byrd (boss pleak with 100k shared loot) terminal that should spawn them on interaction, we hope for some fixes there.

Sooner or later we expect Codex missions to come to Cyrene aslo. Some players do not like that at all, and we see now many guys going hard for missions with attribute tokens rewards, before, or if, it changes here too.

There is one mission that is especially nice for players – to get 100 stamina tokens you need to turn in to NPC 10.000 Rare Pleak Wings. This mob is very easy, so even beginner player can make some ped here, cuz those sell for 300ped/pack.

We already have new Cyrene only Disciple armor set that comes when someone graduates, but for now, player gets Pioneer set still. To get proper one, he needs to write to support, so i hope this will get fixed now too.

That’s all that comes to my mind right now, but i will add some to that list later.

Put your thoughts and suggestions in comments below, or what to add here to the list.