ZynDos-ScoutIn general, they are an inteligent race, where we can do some missions for them, but some of them are hostile, so we can make missions on them… does it have any sence? 😛

Dmg type: ?

Notes: High hp regen

Weak Zyn'Dos Forager16Slow28550
Watcher Zyn'Dos Forager19Slow33630
Solider Zyn'Dos Forager21Slow38690
Strong Zyn'Dos Scout22Slow40720
Ravager Zyn'Dos Scout23Slow44770
Devastator Zyn'Dos Scout25Slow46820
Chaser Zyn'Dos Hoarder28Slow55930
Majestic Zyn'Dos Hoarder30Slow571020
King Zyn'Dos32Slow611070

Find this mob on Cyrene Map