ARC rank 3

After u complete the ARC Rank 2 stage, which means u gather at least 500 ARC Faction Badges, u can do more missions, that are all dailies.

Important: U got to have at least 200 ARC Faction Badges in ur inventory, to be able to talk to Rank 2 NPC!
Player Choice 1 Mine Up 3 claims of Zorn Star Ore 1
Player Choice 2Mine Up 3 claims of Yellow Crystal 1
Player Choice 3Mine Up 3 claims of Kaisenite Ore 1
Player Choice 4Mine Up 3 claims of Green Crystal 1
Player Choice 5Mine Up 3 claims of Blue Crystals 1

ARC Faction Rank 3 reward vendor requires 1200 ARC Badges to be accessed, but since the VU u can gather 11 ARC Badges daily!

The Rank 3 vendor is also located in the HUB with 3 items:

– Arc Faction Rank 3 armor: ARC Commander armor (not stocked)

Entropia 2020-10-18 18.05.35

– Ecotron v.42e (L)

Entropia 2020-10-18 18.19.26

– Ecotron v.42e Prototype  (unlimited / not stocked)

Entropia 2020-10-18 18.19.12