Cyrene’s Repetable Missions

Since we got Codex all over the planet, number of avialable missions got lowered significantly. All old iron missions can be just ended if you already have them started, just some repetables are left.
Thanks to Penelope we have most of those avialable now gathered in one place, and with a small addition from me i publish it also here.

Zyn'Nix Tempo TrialsDusters: kill 1321 hWeapons HandlingCopy WP to clickboard
Tide Claw: kill 10 OLD TIDE CLAW21 hCourageCopy WP to clickboard
Dire Plants: kill 14 GUARDIAN DIRE PLANT21 hAnatomyCopy WP to clickboard
Horned Birds: kill 1521 hInflict Melee DamageCopy WP to clickboard
Sky Wraith: kill 30 Mature21 hInflict Ranged DamageCopy WP to clickboard
PUNY Tempo ManagersCrystal Pede: Kill 3021 hCombat ReflexesCopy WP to clickboard
Junk Scout Bot: kill 1521 hWeapons HandlingCopy WP to clickboard
Tree Dragon: kill 3021 hDexterityCopy WP to clickboard
Pleaks: kill 3021 hAnatomyCopy WP to clickboard
Dire Weed: kill 1021 hLaser Weapons TechnologyCopy WP to clickboard
20k killpoint weeklyRhino Beetle7 daysEvadeCopy WP to clickboard
Scrap the Dronekill 100 DRILL BOTS21 h0.44 ped Weapons HandlingCopy WP to clickboard
Pluck The WingKill 100 HORNED BIRDS21 h0.34 ped Combat ReflexesCopy WP to clickboard
Poison the Hivekill 100 EMPIS WASP21 h0.76 ped Inflict Ranged DamageCopy WP to clickboard
Stomp the Wolfkill 100 FENRIS21 h0.94 ped DodgeCopy WP to clickboard
Ground the Skieskill 100 SKYSHATTER21 h1.09 ped Inflict Melee DamageCopy WP to clickboard
Torn'auk - Meet The Zyn'Kimbro200 Kill Points PANELEON21 hCombat ReflexesCopy WP to clickboard
Malbow - Meet The Tanhok200 Kill Points MERFOLKEN21 hPerceptionCopy WP to clickboard
Zentab - Meet the Turrelions200 Kill Points DUSTERS21 hWeapons HandlingCopy WP to clickboard
Second Hand Hub DuvallCopy WP to clickboard
150 Kill Points LIVING VORTEX21 hLaser Weaponry Technology, BLP Weaponry Technology, Weapons Handling, or Combat Reflexes
150 Kill Points STALKER BOT21 hDodge, Evade, or First Aid
Mining Skill Reward DailiesCopy WP to clickboard
Mine Up 20 pec Zorn Star Ore21 h0.04 Prospecting
Mine Up 40 pec Kaisenite Stone21 h0.08 Mining
Mine Up 40 pec Blue Crystal21 h0.08 Prospecting
Mine Up x Iridium Ore21 h0.01 Mining
Turrelion Rift Wave EventCopy WP to clickboard
Lookin' Outkill 14500 kill point Turrelion Zeladothweekly?Turrelion Outerwear clothing piece
Settler's lifekill 13500 kill point Turrelion Crystal Pedesweekly?Turrelion Settler clothing piece