Planet Cyrene

Planet Cyrene is kinda new in Entropia Universe, started in year 2012. What is different, it was open for players in its Beta Stage (it still didnt have a Hard Launch with its full content). It have its good and bad sides ofc. Bad, cuz many things were not avialable, not ready, or not working properly. But the good side, which is stronger to me, is that we, players, got unique opportunity to take a part in shaping a planet. Developers are open to players sugestions about mobs, mob respawns, items we look for or features we would like to see in Entropia Universe live!

About planet itself, it has a bit different take on how gamplay can look like within same Universe. Many storyline missions, Factions, creatures that sometimes are so annoying so this makes their loot to have high MU, special spawns that react on players activity.

If u like to discover, be creative, and just dont grind hundreds of mobs on flat area, u will love Planet Cyrene, as i do 🙂

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