Entropia Locations is a great tool for personal mapping for Entropia Universe. Sadly, it wasnt meant to work on Cyrene yet… till this point, thx to Mandu Sonne Pono, who made a small addon for it.


Additionally, the database he provided for us, contains all known teleporters, and parts for Salvage missions.

Here is what he say we need to do, to make it working:


The Cyrene Directory is a complete Cyrene module for Entropia Locations. To install it, copy the directory to the \Places\ directory within the Entropia Locations install. (There are similar directories for Eudoria, Rock, etc) That’s it. The Locations file within the module contains only Teleports, Revive Locations and Salvage Mission locations.          Mandu Sonne Pono
To make it work better while logging your mining runs, i added ore.txt and enamtter.txt files that can be altered with those that are provided with the program.
go to: EntropiaLocations WWW
and dl the program, or dl it here: The Entropia Locations ZIP
then dl, extract the Cyrene Module ZIP (made by Mandu Sonne Pono) into Places folder
You can also use my enmatter and ore files that includes Planet Cyrene specific finds (if not all, ill update it soon, so check it from time to time)
open, then right click and save as