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New Arrivals

- Dynamic Map Upgrade Unlocks
- Robot Base Z.R.Q. : New SkyShatter Maturities at threat levels at 14, 18, and 23.
-- New Kill Point Missions for these SkyShatters.

--Turrelion Docks
-- An add-on to the A.R.C. Staging Area, located behind and across a bridge to the north.
-- Adds a new set of Turrelions : The Mazeweavers.
-- Add new daily missions for a Maze located at Desert Ruins Teleporter as well as some at the Turrelion Docks.
-- Rewards a chance to catch a pet: A WolperTinger!

- Achievements associated with:
-- Kill Point Missions
-- Mazeweaver Missions
-- Discovery

- The following missions have been fixed:
-- The Test of Strength
-- Miner's Psyche Rank 1, 2, and 3
-- Gear Up: New Fap Rank 1 and 2
-- "Scary" Hackfins
-- Hollingsworth's other task!
-- Merfolken Beach Head?
-- Mining Iron Challenge Missions
- Some loot items have been re-calibrated.
- Some creature spawns have been adjusted.
- Some mining spawns have been improved.
- Terrain changes / optimization.
- All pet tricks now work correctly.
- All Venataurs are now visible.
- All Tempo mission NPCs are now safely back on the ground.
- All pet inventory icons are correctly statues.
- Many typographical and grammatical errors have been corrected.
- All vendor stock re-evaluated by MindArk and adjustments to fill rates.

Known Issues
- The inventory icon for the following pets is too small and will be adjusted in the Mini Patch
-- Mang Chang
-- Rhino Beetle
-- Paneleon
-- WolperTinger
- Support weapons are not currently working properly, this is a platform issue.
- The Spear MK. III is difficult to maneuver, this is being looked into.
- The Spear destroyed model becomes invisible, this issue is being looked into.
- All Cyrene vehicles (P.I.G.V., Spear, Lancer, Dragonfly) have default sounds, this will be addressed in a future patch.
- Some Quality Ratings information in blueprint book: A.R.C. is incorrect, and this issue is still being looked into.