There are several Requisition Officers on Cyrene willing to reward you with Cyrene Mission Tokens in exchange for certain items they need for various reasons. Some are simply titled Requisition Officers, however some have names. All of the mission brokers will have a ! over their head. These missions are repeatable once every 24 hours, however can be done instantly if you have the items in your inventory in advance.

This mission is excellent for low level players, as it may require some funds to get the materials, either through other players or through mining and hunting.

Requisition officers are located at the following coordinates. Quests in red can only be completed every 48 hours.

Tribute to the Councilmen. (20 Bonding Liquid / 8 Tokens) [138316, 77717]
Tribute to the Councilmen! (40 Zorn Star Ore / 8 Tokens) [138316, 77717]
The Ambassador Needs You! (5 Scrap Metal / 4 Tokens) [138364, 77683]
Electronic Component Enhancements (5 Kaisenite Ingots / 6 Tokens) [133132, 75001]
Blue Crystals for Wilco (3 Blue Crystals / 1 Token) [138876, 77252]
Green Healing! (5 Green Crystals / 3 Tokens) [138820, 77076]
Yellow Crystals? (5 Yellow Crystals / 1 Token) [138849, 77056]
Rebuilding the Base (5 Zorn Star Ingot / 3 Tokens) [138342, 77217]
Zorn Star Prospects (5 Zorn Star Ore / 1 Token) [138342, 77217]
This craft’s for you! (1 Light Power Cell / 1 Token) [138342, 77217]


Speak to the Requisition Officer located at each location detailed above, each will request a number of items to exchange for Cyrene Mission Tokens. Talk to the NPC by double clicking them or right clicking and selecting operate. Accept the mission, then talk to the NPC again with the item in your inventory, a box will open up and you are to drag the item into it to compete the quest. Do not worry about giving the NPC too many items at once, they will only take what they need. However giving them too many at once will lock the rest into your inventory until you relog due to a glitch.

Item Checklist, be sure to always have these in your inventory for simplicity.

  • 45 Zorn Star Ore (every 48 Hours)
  • 20 Bonding Liquid (every 48 Hours)
  • 5 Scrap Ingot
  • 5 Kaisenite Ingot
  • 3 Blue Crystal
  • 5 Green Crystal
  • 5 Yellow Crystal
  • 5 Zorn Star Ingot
  • 1 Light Power Cell


Doing these daily for the tokens rewards in a total of 34 Cyrene Mission Token from the exchange missions. Cyrene Mission Token can be sold to players at a rate of between 1400% to 1800% or used in exchange for items from various token vendors on Cyrene. Here are their locations.

Boffin – Boffin Edition Armor [138438, 77190]
Cyrene Mission Token Vendor Grippa – Zyn Fireplaces [138438, 77190]
Requisition Officer Nealon – Weapons/Armor [138449, 77429]

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