In some sort of exchange instead of Imperium Armor upgrades, we got Armor Plating upgrade mission now.

For now it is just one stage of it.

It is avialable at NPC Boffin Mathaius . He is located at first floor of A.R.C Headquatters.

The base item for this upgrade is an Imperium Armor Plating

Those can be obtained in quite easy 7 missions.

For those who lost or sold their armor platings, there is a new mission avialable at Carmap’s Landin LA, NPC called Exasperted Collect Nat asks u to kill a number of new bots on this area, called Renegade Mech.

Comming back to Plating upgrade itself – to make Boffin talk to you, you need to have in your inventory at least 300 ARC Badges.

To upgrade this Imperium Armor Plating first you need to kill 100 Drill Bots. Locations of their spawns you can find on my map.

Here is a list of items required for upgrade itself

Mission is repetable, so you can upgrade all platings you have, but each time you need to kill those Drill Bots.

Stats of Imperium Officer Plating are the same to Serpent Scale in terms of total protection and durability. Just damage type they protect is different, and Cyrene’s plating clearly fits some mobs on this planet.

Next Island’s Platings have some further upgrade versions, so let’s hope we will go same patch later this year.

Why do we have an upgradable armor plates? This is what we do know from patch notes :

Cyrene Officer Armor Plating (stage 1)

— While we are still discussing with MindArk the entire situation of the Imperium Armor Upgrade missions, in the interim, we’re introducing a series of missions to create Imeprium Armor Platings.

— The 1st stages have been approved already, allowing Imperium Armor Plating I to be upgraded into Imperium Officer Plates by Mathaius the Boffin.

— Developer’s Note, This is elaborated more on this posting:

Those missions are supposed to use almost same components to those used before for armor upgrade, so players could retrive some value from items they bought before. Let’s hope it works out!