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allows to pick the right mob (based on its HP and Speed) for the gun u use Gun Calculator


What’s up before December 2020 VU? Plots and facts.

What’s up before December 2020 VU? Plots and facts.

This will be a sum of what we, players, see and expect to see in Planet Cyrene in nearest VU.Things that are not done from previous VUs, things that are hinted on planet itself or from other players. First thing that comes to my mind are clothing sets with buffs,...
Planet Cyrene’s disciple armor

Planet Cyrene’s disciple armor

At the moment, when a disciple graduates on Planet Cyrene he by default gets Pioneer armor set, but it get's corrected by support after messaging them. Armor stats look's very interesting, alot different from what u get on other planets, and it gives some nice...
Cyrene’s Caves / Dungeons

Cyrene’s Caves / Dungeons

Last update we got a new polished version of special hunting areas added. At the moment, due to some issues with crafing or creating keys to that locations, entry is free, but it may change in the future.   You can enter them at Zorra's HQ first floor, that is...
How to get Greater Power Crystal

How to get Greater Power Crystal

This rare and very demanded item, that is required to finish Zorra's missions chain, can be obtained in two ways: as a very rare drop from hunting - once it was looted from MuchJaw Alpha, but it was several years ago, so i'm not sure if it's still avialable this way....
How to make Zorra HK pk/hunting goodie?

How to make Zorra HK pk/hunting goodie?

It is quite simple, just put the right ingridients into the refiner: Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype you gonna get one yourself while following the Zorra missions chain, or buy from AH (seen them between 1-3k ped) 4 Great Sea Beast Lazidol parts, that are a part of...

Planet Cyrene December 12th 2017 VU Notes

New Additions - Two new Dynamic Upgrade Map unlocks are now available: -- Robot Base Z.R.Q. Rank 2 Unlock -- New Creature: 5P1D3R -- New Iron Mission Chain: Spider Bots! -- This mission is started by A.R.C. Researcher Zoid at the edge of 0x101 Supply Depot. -- Great...
Cyrene Maze Map

Cyrene Maze Map

I updated the map a bit, my drawing skills are terrible, but whatever 🙂 Below there is also old map by Rusty with legend i shared so ull get the reference, and can pick better one for you. 1. Burrow2. Restless Bones3. Lost Mining Equipment (Find the tool)4. Vlad the...

Mario and Luigi instances Turorial by Harmony

I don't think there is a lot of information out there about these instances, so i thought i'd share what i know. (I realize the first reply will probably contain a like to a place with much better info ). M.A.R.I.O.V.R. The Mario instance has two missions inside...



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