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allows to pick the right mob (based on its HP and Speed) for the gun u use Gun Calculator


Planet Cyrene September 12th 2017 Version Update Notes

Changes - All mining ores and enmatters have been adjusted to have drop rates similar to pre-loot 2.0 rates. - Turrelia lurkers now have a drastically increased chance to drop Reward Token (Lime Green). - All Ranks of the Rhino Rampage Mission now have a built in auto...

Cyrene Mini Patch Notes – June 20th 2017

Changes - All loot has been adjusted to be in line with Loot 2.0. - The following missions have, once again, been adjusted in an attempt to resolve the issue of error codes. - All Ranks of the Dire Weed Chain Missions --100 -- 500 -- 1000 -- 5000 -- 9000 -- 20000 --...

Cyrene VU Notes – May 30th 2017

New Additions - Executor Andre at 0x101 Supply Depot now has special, repeatable missions for any player who has finished any of the following missions: -- The Heart of the Plains - Rank 5 -- A.R.C. Challenge – 9000 Swamp Lurkers -- Imperium Killer - Rank 5 -- A.R.C....

Planet Cyrene VU Notes – February 7th 2017

New Additions - Lazidol Spawn Area -- Lazidol now has new spawn area that should allow him to be hunted without any unreachable issues. Both him and the Low Shaman are now on a coastal shelf near the Rookie Training Area. - Sky Labs has been moved to be more away from...

Planet Cyrene VU Notes – December 7th 2016

New Additions - Dynamic Map Unlocks - Ngu Volcano has reached level 1, now has a dedicated spawn of Old Jack. - Mer Beach has reached level 2, now has the first steps of the Underfolken and their secrets. - Turrelion Desert has reached level 2, and now has a new PvP...

Cyrene Mini Patch Notes – December 13th 2016

New Additions - A new contingency mission has been added near the Turrelion Hazing PvP Area for players who have registered their Turrelion Coat of Arms for outside the Hub now have access to a new repeatable mission. - This mission will continue to stay active while...

We had some hosting issues, but now it should be ok :)

Hello, for the last two months, since one of major hosting companies had a crash, we were, for the most of the time, down. I had a hard time to get back my files and db back, but finally, looks like the new site is ok, but it's outdated. I'll try to update things...

Planet Cyrene Mini Patch Notes – December 15th 2015

New Additions During the 4th week of December the Cyrene Holiday gifts are set to go out: - For Everyone: Christmas Treat Bags (5 consumable stat boots) - For Depositors: A Holiday Jellyworm Toy (Decoration) - For Everyone: Christmas Totems (to be able to help Rudolph...

Planet Cyrene VU Notes – December 8th 2015

New Additions Dyanmic Unlocks - For this VU we've got two new unlocks from Isle de Zel and Imperium Fortifications. - New maturities for Zeladoths, specifically the Zeladoth Male (threat levels 10 - 20) as well as missions associated with them from Tom Weaver on the...

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New boxex max in current update of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

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it took me a while but finally i made the EU working again, hopefully no more crashes, and i’ll be able to play once again 🙂 Cheers to followers..

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ISP got some issues, they say it will all be fixed next week.

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Recent update is great, but a bit bugged. Cant wait to see fixes to the wave event and other things, next patch.

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ARC Rank 3 shop still bugged – it’s getting me very frustrated.

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